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Abi Spendlove graduated from Central Saint Martins in 2008. Since then she has exhibited internationally has achieved commercial success and critical acclaim. Her work has been acquired by and exhibited in several prestigious and highly respected collections such as the Zabludowicz Collection and the Franks-Suss Collection.


2017-2018, UH Galleries & St Albans Museums
2015, Research Residency, Departure Lounge, Luton
2012-2013, AA2A Artist Residency, University of Bedfordshire
2010-2011, Luton Hoo Walled Garden, Bedfordshire

[Solo exhibitions]

Fragments, St Albans Clock Tower, St Albans
Tributary, Storefront Gallery, Luton

[Group exhibitions]

July-August 2018, Woman Shall Inherit the Earth, Panacea Museum, Bedford
June-July 2018, Accumulate, New Museum & Gallery, St Albans, Hertfordshire
May 2018, Rock Paper Scissors, View Point, University of Hertfordshire
January-February 2018, A Minute Ago, Zabludowicz Collection, London

25 and Counting, Panacea Museum, Bedford
MK Calling, MK Gallery, Milton Keynes
e-Luminate, Cambridge Corn Exchange, Cambridge

Shimmer, Framework Gallery, University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield

Art Language Location, University of Cambridge, Cambridge
Testing Water, Departure Lounge, Luton

Roulade, Husk, London
Eastern Approaches, St Albans Museum, Hertfordshire
Control Room, North Cabin, Bristol
The Common, TMT, The Freeholder, Luton

Parallel Lines, University of Bedfordshire, Luton

Outhouse Exhibition, Forfey Festival, Northern Ireland
Work In Process at ROTW Festival, Hertfordshire

The Re Show, Out of the Dark, High Wycombe.
Artists in Residence Exhibition, Luton Hoo Walled Garden, Luton
Time and Chance Happen to Everything, Departure Arts Centre, London
Private Postcard Auction, Notting Hill, London
Winners Show, St Albans Museum, St Albans

Hertfordshire Open Exhibition 2010, Margaret Harvey Gallery, St Albans
Art/Value/Currency Part III, The Pigeon Wing, London
"Art in Process", Hightown Road, Luton
Artists in Residence Exhibition, Luton Hoo Walled Garden, Luton
Art/Value/Currency Part II, Eastern District, New York
Heart Desires, Movida, London

Art/Value/Currency, The Pigeon Wing, London
Submission Freedom Fear, House Gallery, London
Deparcitecture, Departure Arts Centre, London
Highlights from the Franks Suss Collection, Hampstead, London
Screening of And So It All Comes Together, Forfey Festival, Northern Ireland
Aspects of Language and Translation, Mile End Arts Pavillion, London
A Cup of Tea Solves Everything, Departure Arts Centre, London

Voice Over Water Part II, Red Dot Art Fair, London
Siteshow, Warwick Square, London
Departures, Charlton Art Centre, Dover
CSM Fine Art Degree Show, London
Voice Over Water, Ada Street Gallery, London
Buy//Sell, Christ Church&Uplands Chapel, London

Untitled, Outwood House, Leeds
PASDA!, Tottenham Court Road Squat, London