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Tributary celebrates the River Lea, which rises in and passes through Luton. Responding to the river’s original Anglo Saxon meaning – which translates as ‘Bright River’ – Spendlove recorded people’s impressions of the Lea, tracking its place in local mythology as it meanders towards the Thames. She will invited visitors to participate in curated walks tracking the river’s progress through the town centre, made a new film and created a participatory painted poem about Luton’s hidden river.

The River Lea passes almost unnoticed through Luton as it travels from its source in Leagrave Park to the lakes at Luton Hoo. Rerouted to accommodate the urban environments through which it passes, the Lea is a ‘hidden river’. This project sought to bring the Lea into the consciousness of the town as residents and visitors pass the Storefront en-route from station and the car parks to the shops.

Tributary showcased a collaborative multi-authored painted poem on the gallery walls and a large hand drawn map of Luton which highlights the river’s broken and disjointed course. Spendlove also made a new film focussing on the light play around the source of the river, and created a soundtrack in which local residents recalled their stories of the Lea. The stories pay tribute to the river, connecting it with the rhythms and reflections of both a historical and contemporary experience.

The final part of the installation was a series of experimental drawings made using ink and melted ice from the Lea. Spendlove also installed some live ice work in Storefront during the launch of the project on June 29, 2017.