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[Work in Process]

Work in Process
Wall Painting, 40 High Town Road, Luton.

As part of the 'High Town Art For All' project, Abi produced a growing painting; which was added to over the course of the exhibition. The painting is called ‘Work in Process’ and aimed to create a shared experience between the Artist and the local community.

The central image of the painting (barbershop with hand and paintbrush) was connected with the space she was painting in, which used to be a barber shop. The paintings spreading out from the central image were inspired by the shops around her, stretching down the high street.

“It is rare that you get to see a whole street at a glance. Hightown Road itself reflects the local community that it serves as it is the community that sustains the local businesses. Through seeing my ‘map’ of the street, you will hopefully learn something about the community here.”

The painting became a symbol of an ongoing dialogue with the community, and charted the progress of her growing knowledge of the street. The work is due to be painted over- a metaphorical lament for the disappearing local businesses in the area.