Emissive Conveyance

Cambridge Corn Exchange

10th – 15th February 2017

Video installation commissioned by Cambridge Assessment, Commission Projects and e-Luminate for the e-Luminate Festival 2017.

Infrared cameras reveal the layer of the electromagnetic spectrum beyond visible light. This emissivity appears in Spendlove’s video as hues of vivid yellow. The video captures the artist walking the route from the current headquarters of Cambridge Assessment, to their new HQ at the “Triangle” site. Symbolically it recognises the movement of energy and light -embedded in people and objects- from one building to another. The artist touches the surfaces of the street as she walks, running her hand along walls railings and street furniture that string the streets together. Exploring the environment by touching it is a key developmental milestone that babies reach early in their lives. Children continue to explore the world around them with their hands and often run them over surfaces as they move around. This playful interaction with space/place/territory is mostly lost in adult life as destination takes precedence over the journey. The slowed video emphasises the physical connection with the environment, and an increased attention to the journey.

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