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Washed Out

Washed Out, 2022, Installation at Robinson College, Cambridge. Cotton, copper, steel, river ice, marigold, madder, chloropyllin, turmeric.

Immersions: Into the River Cam, curated by Mattie O’Callaghan and Holly Pines. Washed Out was installed above Bin Brook, a tributary of the River Cam, which runs through Robinson College in Cambridge. The work was made from river ice collected at Bin Brook and a selection of natural dyes. The sculpture, titled ‘Washed Out’, references the history of women’s labour and the washing of linen that happened upstream in The Cam.

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Glacial Movement One

Photography by Greta Zabulyte

Glacial Movements was an Arts Council Funded project undertaken in 2022. The project involved research collaborations with glaciologist Dr Bethan Davies and V&A sculpture conservator Sarah Healey-Dilkes. The research culminated in a site-specific ice sculpture made from found water and found materials.