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THISS 2024

‘Seep’ 2024. Photograph by Carmel King
‘Seep’ 2024. Photograph by Carmel King
‘Seep’ 2024. Photograph by Abi Spendlove
‘Suspended Loop’ 2024. Photograph by Carmel King
‘Suspended Loop’ 2024. Photograph by Carmel King

Seep, 2024. Ice, ink, silk, wood, paint. Dimensions variable.
Suspended Loop, 2024. River ice dyed silk, fibreglass rod, thread. Approx. 1m diameter.

THISS 2024, The Hide Installation + Sculpture Showcase, The Hide Artist Retreat, Pinfarthings, Stroud, June 2024.
Exhibition text:

This year The Hide will be showcasing the work of eight established woman artists whose practices align around themes of transience and impermanence.
The artists come from London, the South East and West of England as well as Stroud.
THISS 2024 will include performance, site responsive work, sustainability, elemental influence, and structures on the point of collapse.
The selected artists all consider the amount of ‘stuff’ in the world, so they re-cycle and re-use to make ideas visible, and their actions are un -monumental and economic, often rooted in their bodies or in nature.  Their work, repeats, shimmers, dissolves, and passes through their breath.
The exhibition is curated by Alice Sheppard-Fidler, who approaches the role of curator as a caretaker of work and ideas, encouraging artists to take risks and explore a dialogue between their practice’s within the outdoor setting of the garden at The Hide.
At a time when war, poverty and global consumption are at a monumental scale, and power often feels in the wrong hands, THISS 2024 aims to lean into the micro, to pay attention to, pick at, tease and soothe very human moments and feelings. Visitors to the exhibition are invited to enter into the flux of the garden, hover with the work in its fleeting state and be open to engage through the work’s absurdity and awkward tenderness.

See The Hide Artist Retreat for details and associated press.