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(in)finite Beginnings

Photography by Greta Zabulyte

(in)finite Beginnings was a participatory artwork for the University of Hertfordshire’s Festival of Ideas in May 2024.

“UH Arts + Culture commissioned artist Abi Spendlove to create a unique participatory artwork for the Festival of Ideas. Members of the public joined us to contribute to a growing painting, created using ice and ink, to explore and celebrate our relationship with the environment.  This interactive, live creative process invited everyone to add their input to an artwork aiming to be both beautiful, and emblematic of the incredible minds present at the Festival of Ideas.

Abi will created two large-scale paintings outdoors over the course of the Festival, inviting participants to contribute to the each of the works following a simple set of instructions. The work will grew and developed based on the number of participants, the impact of their bodily interaction with the placing of ice, and the ever-changing climate of the outdoor environment. The interactive artwork invited participants to connect with the present moment and notice the environment around them.”